C. Blake Powers

Award-winning writer and photographer C. Blake Powers has more than 25 years experience in communications, including work in high technology and biomedical journalism, public relations, and marketing. He blogs as Laughing Wolf after getting his new media start at Winds of Change more than five years ago, and currently serves as Civilian-in-Residence at Blackfive milblog. He has done two embeds in Iraq with Army and Marine units; served a photographic internship at Playboy; is a licensed private pilot who has undergone Air Force physiological training for high-altitude and specialized flight; and, holds military expert ratings with M-16 and issue pistol. Past experience includes working as a contract employee at the U. S. Air Force Arnold Engineering Development Center and for NASA. His print material has appeared in publications including the Chicago Sun-Times, Military History magazine, and SpaceWorld magazine.



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